ESSAY: Why Muslim Ms. Marvel succeeds as new reboot


‘Ms. Marvel debut works because its Muslim teen superhero is ‘sweet, conflicted and immensely relatable…


AS I BEHELD the new book, I became nervous — as in, really apprehensive, sweaty-palms nervous. I knew that it would be so easy for its creators to get this book wrong — and so difficult for them to get it right.

Why? Because the heroine of this new book, which debuts Wednesday, is highly uncommon — even for the comics world. She’s a 16-year-old superhero who is Pakistani American. And she’s Muslim.

Let’s be real: The word “Muslim” has certain connotations attached to it. We all know what they are, and when you say “Muslim girl,” you’ve now got a whole different set of misconceptions. And when you say, “Muslim girl who is a comic-book superhero,” well, people’s antennae tend to go up.

And I say that as a young woman who is Muslim. And Pakistani American. And who reads graphic novels and grew up on X-Men….’

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