3 Ways Leaders Maintain Their Composure in Turbulence


Leaders need to show more composure than ever before in the workplace.

Excerpted from a list of 7:

1. Don’t Allow Your Emotions to Get in the Way


Seasoned leaders …don’t yell or get overly animated when times get tough. These types of leaders have such emotional self-control that even their body language does not give them away.


4. Remain Fearless

When leaders project confidence, they instill it in others. …

I’ve been through ups and downs in my career and have learned that when you begin to fear adverse circumstances, you not only put yourself in a position of vulnerability, but it becomes extremely difficult to act rationally and objectively. When you panic, you mentally freeze and your mind loses focus.



6. Take Accountability


Leaders are most composed during times of crisis and change when they are fully committed to resolving the issue at hand. …this means that you have made the decision to assume responsibility and take the required steps to problem solve before the situation gets out of hand.

Article by Glenn Llopis, Contributor.  Full article here.

See on www.forbes.com


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