INNOVATION DER ZUKUNFT srl: Ihr Distributor von innovativen Produkten zertifiziert

Die “INNOVATION DER ZUKUNFT s.r.l” – Besteht aus dem Salento – spezialisiert auf den Vertrieb von innovativen Produkten, die, wenn sie richtig verwendet werden, haben einen positiven Einfluss auf die Lebensqualität und die Haushaltskasse.

Identifiziert das Produkt, das zu tun IOTF Forschung ohne territoriale Grenzen, die zuverlässigsten Hersteller in der Welt. Die Zuverlässigkeit wird durch Kontrollen der Unternehmen und der sorgfältigen Analyse der globalen Qualitätszertifikate bestätigt. Nach der Vorprüfung des Herstellers, die IOTF Erlös, mit spezifischen Tests, die endgültige Beurteilung der Qualität des Produkts vermarktet werden. Nur Produkte, die alle Tests bestanden sind markiert




Die elektronische Zigarette ist nur der erste der Produkte Vertrieb. Inzwischen ist die IOTF bereits die Analyse der Möglichkeit der Einleitung unter anderem im Jahr 2014 ein weiteres innovatives Produkt in der Lage zu ersetzen, in die Betriebskosten Null, die Lieferung von elektrischer Energie bis zu 3 KW.


Der Kauf eines Produkts mit IOTF Marke ist eine Garantie für Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit.

Die IOTF Marke ist eine Garantie von Artikeln von den besten Herstellern in der Welt produziert.

Die IOTF Produkte der Marke, sowie als unter denjenigen im Besitz der EWG Zertifizierung gewählt, werden durch geeignete Strukturen Salento getestet.


Wollen Sie mehr wissen?


Bitte rufen Sie uns an 0833 772 497. Wir können eine hohe Qualität der Arbeit.


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Succede che stando in Italia, delle volte, perdi di vista i tuoi diritti

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Massimo Ragnedda

ucuSuccede che stando in Italia, delle volte, perdi di vista i tuoi diritti. Lavoro qui in Inghilterra, alla University of Northumbria at Newcastle, e ho un posto fisso a tempo indeterminato. Un miraggio e un sogno per buona parte dei giovani ricercatori italiani che vivono nel più alto precariato. Sino all’anno scorso, quando insegnevo all’università di Sassari con un contratto di un euro l’anno, sarebbe stato un sogno  anche per me. Per me una manna dal cielo, inutile dirlo. Lo stipendio mi va benissimo, ho tutti i diritti che uno potrebbe sognare di avere, piena autonomia nella didattica e nella ricerca, non esiste il caporalato accademico e non devi passare la giornata a lecchinare il barone di turno. Se vali (pubblichi, partecipazioni convegni, ricerca, eccetera) vai avanti nella carriere, altrimenti niente. Mi sono iscritto, sin da subito, al sindacato dell’Università (UCU).L’iscrizione non è obbligatoria e costa circa 20 sterline al…

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Malcolm in a Muddle

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The Australian Independent Media Network

Back in 1993 Malcolm Turnbull, a highly successful businessman and politically engaged lawyer, became chairman of the Australian Republican Movement, a position he held until 2000.  During this tumultuous period for the Nation, Turnbull gained a significant public profile and considerable personal support from within the ranks of Republic sympathisers of every political stripe.  It was a neat segue into a political career.

After an abortive attempt at a life in politics in 1981 during which he failed to win pre-selection for the Liberals in the Seat of Wentworth, he made a second attempt in the 2004 election and was successful, beating the sitting Liberal member Peter King for pre-selection.  King subsequently stood as an independent for Wentworth and helped Turnbull to victory on the basis of his preferences.

Despite having famously described John Howard as the man who “broke this nation’s heart” following the defeated Republic Referendum, Turnbull was…

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Apple’s personal touch wins support for its new Cupertino campus

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Robert Edwards

Apple could win official approval for its new campus Oct. 15.

That Jobs personally presented the project to the council, especially given the advanced state of his life-threatening illness, is something that still resonates widely in this community.

Ruby Elbogen, editor of the Cupertino Daily News, recalls seeing Jobs sitting alone later that summer, waiting to meet with members of the city’s Chamber of Commerce to discuss the project.

Kevin McClelland, who is on the Cupertino chamber’s board, said the company’s resurgence over the last decade has been a huge benefit to the whole city as that success drew other companies to Cupertino.

The outreach project has been lead by Dan Whisenhunt, Apple’s senior director of real estate and development. In a recent letter to Cupertino city officials, Whisenhunt described the scope of those efforts.

That includes 20,000 updates about the project sent to people in Cupertino and neighboring Sunnyvale; holding 150 meetings with local residents and organizations to explain the…

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Golden Day Ninety-Seven: Lecce with Country Walkers Guide, Marcello Polignano

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Golden Days in Italy

DSCF7237 (1)

One of the many great things about CW Adventure (formerly Country Walkers) trips is their native guides. I loved a trip to Sicily I went on with them, where along with the spectacular scenery and food, we had full on cultural immersion with the wonderful Loredana Grasso, who grew up right near Mount Etna. Her stories about cooking with her grandma were great, also her hit on Italy’s political scene, and her passion for her homeland–from every flower on the trail to the delicious almond cookies of Taormina.

I’m grateful a CW Puglia Guide and Lecce native, Marcello Polignano has joined in to give his advice for a Golden Day in his beloved city, a baroque gem that’s often called “The Florence of the South”:

Since a lot of Lecce is zoned as pedestrian only, and it’s flat, you can bike ride or walk around the ancient town comfortably, to…

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